Lick NPM1 Catalog

The 1993 NPM1 Catalog contains 148,940 stars in 114 zones from +89 to -23 degrees. The original version of NPM1 gave positions and proper motions in the B1950 coordinate system.

A J2000 version of the NPM1 one-degree zone catalogs can be accessed here. The J2000 NPM1 catalog is also available as one file (compressed, 3.4 Mb) concatenating the 114 zones in North-to-South order.

Documentation for the NPM1 Catalog is available in two forms: the original description of the B1950 version, and the ReadMe file for the J2000 version.

Accompanying the NPM1 Catalog is the 41,858-entry NPM1 Cross-Identifications file which facilitates many practical uses of the NPM1 Catalog.

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updated 06/05/2003